Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Saturday

Ugh I need a new phone...I've been stuck with this stupid at t go phone for the longest time.  I lost the back to it even so it's held on with tape...i was thinking of switching from AT&T, once I get a full time job.  But I digress.

Obligatory Image
Haha I really like that image.  I think it sums me up sort of.  I just wanna be a crocodile my whole life :-/ instead I'm stuck in debt from school, and can't get a job to save my life, living on the living room floor of an apartment.  Things could be worse, but they could be better.

Anyways  random quiz time.

[1] Name one thing you hate
[2] What's one random thing about you
[3] Favorite drink


As for me, I hate macintosh and assholes, I'm left handed, and my favorite drink would have to be raspberry smirnoff.  Or beer.  Almost any beer.


  1. 1- too many things :)
    2- Would like to work with big cats or bears one day
    3- Hard one to think of but probably anything with bourbon

  2. hot weather
    i like learn lots of amazing things

  3. 1.) Cold showers
    2.) I like salt
    3.) Water

  4. thing?- pass random thing about me - i am random
    3.cofee in morning,coke in afternoon,tea in evening, coke - nite

  5. I feel you on the job situation man. That's what I'm doing this blog thing.

    1. People that cause hate....and feet.
    2. I'm growing my hair out for locks of love.
    3. Anything that Sobe puts out.

    I'm following you man. Return the favor? Thanks

  6. I hate Apple products
    I have a boot-shaped heart
    I like water

  7. naggers
    empty bottles of asahi beer

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  9. 1. I hate Justin Beiber, immensely.
    2. I have a scar on my upper lip.
    3. Orange Juice.

    The comic was pretty damn funny.

  10. 1. Rape whistles.
    2. I have a split uvula
    3. Coors light. Or milk. Whole milk.

  11. 1. TLC (The Learning Channel)
    2. I still play Diablo 2
    3. Maker's Mark on the rocks.

  12. The cold
    I get jealous easily
    Dr. Pepper

  13. uh lets see
    1. I hate being sick
    2. I'm sick
    3. Booze, idc what it is, as long as it gets me shitfaced. <3

  14. I hate people who talk about themselves allot

    Im into classical music

    I love watermelon juice