Friday, April 1, 2011

 Here, have a poem from my childhood :)  Free of charge

The Cherries' Garden Gala

The Cherries' garden gala
was the finest seen in years,
the Pears arrived in couples,
and the Prunes all carried shears,
the Greens had splendid collars,
and the Peaches wore new shoes,
an Orange danced a hornpipe,
and a Berry sang the blues.

The Beets were playing bongos,
as the Lettuce marched ahead,
the Zucchini made a racket,
but the Ginger seemed well-bred,
the Dates appeared unsteady.
though the Currants stayed on course,
the Turnips whirled in circles,
and the Radishes grew hoarse.

The Beans could not stop coughing
as the Corn told awful jokes,
the Plums were bobbing gaily
with some hearty Artichokes,
a Cauliflower listened
as the Grapes began to whine,
and the Melons started bawling
just to see the Apple pine.

When the Garlic dropped a penny
and the mint produced a bill,
the Chard grew overheated,
and a Pepper caught a chill,
then the Rhubarb got to fighting,
and the Lemons seemed afraid,
but the Thyme could not help watching,
though the Mushrooms all sought aid.

The Onions dipped politely,
as the Leeks began to spring,
the Sage repeated maxims,
and the Carrots formed a ring,
a Tomato acted saucy
to a rather bossy Pea,
and the Potatoes wept with pleasure
at the Cherries' jubilee.

by Jack Prelutsk