Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Post

Hallo, old friends from Xanga! (And new friends from blogspot!)

This is my new website.  Xanga sort of died for me, and I think blogspot is more mainstream.  I'll update more stuff later, but for now, I need your help.  It's something I've been working on since about last night.

I'm about to post my statement of purpose, which I'll send to several graduate programs.  Please read it, and let me know what you think.  I've never done this, so I especially would like help from anyone already in grad school.  I am above the average GMAT and GPA for SDSU's program, but I still want to really hit it home with my statement of purpose.  Without further adieu:

When I first entered college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I knew what my interests were and what I did not want to do, but I had little knowledge of how any of that would translate into a career for me.  After two years of breadth classes, I decided to major in economics because it gave me a chance to use my love of math in real-world applications.  Economics gave me an understanding of how people make decisions.  It gave me a unique perspective of life, and it helped me better understand what sort of decisions make businesses thrive.  Although I absolutely loved economics, it did not seem likely that an undergraduate degree would get me very far in the business world.  During my senior year, I had time to take electives.  This proved to be an eye-opening experience.  I took Economics 25—the Economics of Accounting Decisions—and immediately felt an affinity for the subject.  I really enjoyed the preciseness of accounting; I enjoyed the way every value had to go into the right account.  I felt there was something rewarding about the way the Liabilities and Equities would always add up to the Assets, and I knew immediately that this was the career I wanted.
            It is most unfortunate I was not able to discover accounting earlier in my academic career, as I was not able to take many accounting classes in my short time left at UC Irvine.  After the excitement of graduation subsided, I began to furiously study for the GMAT all the while working temp jobs to keep a small income stream.  I gained a bit of insight into reconciliation and auditing at one of my temp jobs.  I worked at Swinerton Builders, a fantastic company.  Initially, I was just a time keeper.  It was a very strange job; I worked on the second floor of Neiman Marcus and verified the labor hours submitted to me by the foremen of each of the contractors.  However, in order to minimize the construction disturbance, I was required to arrive at Fashion Island at 3AM, and I did not finish working until 1PM, six days a week.  It was the most I’ve ever worked in my life.  On some days, I would work 12 hour shifts, and I had to completely change my sleeping schedule.  After construction was finished, I returned to Swinerton’s Orange County office and began to work on the billing binders.  I was responsible for contacting the subcontractors and ensuring every single billing statement submitted had receipts and hard copies to go with it.  The work required extreme attention to detail, and quite a few meetings with the subcontractors due to inconsistencies I found in the statements.  I feel this sort of work gave me a very basic understanding of what certain accountants do.  Additionally, one of the most important things about this job was that I discovered my ability to work long, productive hours.  I never thought I would be able to happily work 60 hours per week, let alone waking up at 3AM each day.  However, my coworkers were so friendly that it was a pleasure getting up every morning, and time seemed to fly by.  It was a shame to see that job end, but I promised to keep in touch with my supervisors, and perhaps someday I will work alongside them as an accountant.
            Once the job ended, I had roughly one month left until I had to take the GMAT.  I studied harder than ever, but decided to enroll in Irvine Valley College in order to take accounting classes.  I felt doing so would keep my mind fresh for graduate school, and help give me more exposure to accounting.  As expected, the classes have been both invaluable and enjoyable.  They allowed me to seek the counsel of my professors and gain insight into the accounting world.  I have already benefited from their wisdom, and will most certainly keep in touch with them after I leave for graduate school.  As a result from my inquiries, I am positive that a Masters in Accountancy is the right career move for me.  Everyone I have spoken to—from CPAs, to Auditors, to professors—told me that a Masters in Accountancy would make me a very attractive candidate for businesses.   
            As a goal-driven individual, I am always looking for ways to improve myself.  This is, in part, why I want to go back to school.  My ultimate goal in life is to become a Chief Financial Officer.  Although it will be difficult, I do not think such a goal is overly-ambitious.  I am fully prepared for all the hard work and dedication required to achieve this goal, and a Masters in Accountancy will give me the tools necessary to complete it.  Even if I fall short of this goal, a career in accounting will still allow me to lead a very fulfilling life.  There are so many career opportunities for accountants, and I could see myself happily retiring as an auditor, a criminal investigator, or a financial controller. 
            I am certain I will prosper while at SDSU.  Four years at UC Irvine taught me the value of concentration and hard work, and I will absolutely strive to be the best student possible.  I have always enjoyed school, and the friendly atmosphere at SDSU will no doubt allow me to grow both personally and professionally.  I am well aware of SDSU’s fantastic reputation, and I would be honored if I were to be accepted into their MSA program.  Although I have lived in Irvine for the duration of my undergraduate studies, I have visited San Diego many times, and had the opportunity to stop by SDSU.  San Diego is a beautiful city, and I would relish the opportunity to develop professional relationships in the area with hopes that I would someday be employed by one of the many corporations located there. 


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